I WELCOME YOU ALL as witnesses to a new dawn. It is our earnest desire that this landmark achievement before your eyes will mark the new era of dynamism that we have always craved for our mother Association.

Indeed this is a great achievement for all of us. Nonetheless it could have been a far greater feat had we more hands on deck. So to those who worked tirelessly around the clock to bring this dream into reality, we are grateful for your efforts. May we all be inspired by the fruit of your labour, that we will be encouraged to stand up and build a stronger, more united and dynamic association –one that we can cherish as our own. Let me also use this platform to welcome all students of the new Dept. Of Meteorology into the Association. Long live SCISA, may God bless us all.

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    I want to cease this opportunity to really congratulate all students in College of Science, especially the first years who are about to write their first exam in KNUST. In furtherance of this, I also want to urge all and sundry to acknowledge the almighty God in everything we do as we revise and write our examinations so that He will direct our path.Know that it is Humanly possible to pass our exams irrespective of how the Mid-Sems "rocked' us.


Why The University?

Andrew S. Defor

An old, weak and pale skinned man was seated on a hard stool and was surrounded by six young, excited and intelligent boys who looked at every gesture he made with his face and hands. They made sure that every word he spoke was imbibed and digested. You could see how anxious they were to apply and utilize everything they heard from the old brick. After some few years under the mentorship of the man they gained the desire to solve complex puzzles; the power to change their destinies and the zeal to impact their generation.

What Do You Know About The Internet

The Internet is a computer network made up of thousands of networks worldwide. No one knows exactly how many computers are connected to the Internet. It is certain, however, that these number in the millions.

No one is in charge of the Internet. There are organizations which develop technical aspects of this network and set standards for creating applications on it, but no governing body is in control. The Internet backbone, through which Internet traffic flows, is owned by private companies.

The Day Of The Eclipse

Desmond Kwakye

A fascinating and a wonderful event took place on the 29th of March 2006, which made Accra grow dark for about three minutes. Just a fortnight before it happened, scientists warned us that there would be an eclipse of the sun (solar eclipse) which most of us didn't understand. They explained it was the situation whereby the moon would cover the sun and there would be total darkness over a short period of time.

We all then prepared by buying special shades to use in viewing the eclipse. Many people came from different parts of the world to witness the event in Ghana.

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    Try to please everybody.

    Herbert Bayard Swope